Project Management

The ZAG IT Project Management Office (PMO) is a key component of our IT Project Consulting services. Since we are involved in complex engagements, the PMO enables ZAG to deliver effective solutions in a predictable manner. To ensure effective delivery, PMO is involved as early as possible in the scope definition process. 

We offer Project Management as a stand-alone service or as part of our other IT project consulting services. With our years of experience in technology engineering, systems integration, tools, processes, and asset management, we deliver a value-driven approach that can manage project change while tightly managing cost, time and scope. As the complexity of technology integration increases, so does the need for solutions that are more predictable and defined, where outcomes can be measured and managed.

Project Management Areas

Our goal is to deliver services that meet requirements and result in client satisfaction. The PMO begins this process by defining requirements to ensure effective delivery and is involved as early as possible in the scope definition process:

1. Planning

Requirements gathering, project budgeting and resource assignment                                   

2. Initiation

Requirements review, project scheduling and project kickoff meeting and setup of project management tools

3. Execution

Team management, project monitoring and management, status reporting and change management

4. Closure

Project deliverable review and verification, project acceptance and retrospectives