Disaster Recovery

Businesses rely on Technology, which has driven the need for a real Disaster Recovery (DR) environment. Organizations should understand the cost of downtime and have a plan that will let them resume business after an IT disaster. ZAG has been a leader in deploying DR environments that meet our client's business needs and budget. One of the benefits of cloud offerings is flexibility and cost benefits related to DR planning. Our experience with DR from small customers to large scale international organizations enables us to architect, implement and support a DR solution that is right for your business.

Disaster Recovery Plan

ZAG begins DR architecture plans by understanding the level of disaster a client is expecting. We have successfully planned for, and implemented, solutions such as: individual server failure, server room loss, regional catastrophe and more. We work to help clients understand their true Recovery Point Objects and Recovery Time Objectives to avoid the cost of downtime. 

Recovery Point Objectives 

Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) is the amount of data your business is willing to lose during a disaster. This is the amount of data loss your company can take before meeting the threshold of your Disaster Recovery Plan.

Recovery Time Objectives

Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) is the amount of time your company is willing to be down during a disaster. This is the tolerable amount of time within which normal business processes can be restored after an IT disaster avoiding undesirable consequences that are associated with a break in Business Continuity.