Overworked IT Staff

Most internal IT organizations are embracing a new view on life. They are focusing on adding true value add to their business, and outsourcing their day to day operations of keeping the business running.  What does this mean in practical means? It means focusing on Business Intelligence, workflow automation, advanced reporting and not focusing on ensuring that computers are kept patched and available.

This isn't to say that the patching of servers is not important.  This type of maintenance, known as care and feeding, is extremely important. In fact, in today's world of constant attacks, it has never been more important. This is where ZAG comes in. ZAG has a long history of supporting our client's networks. We ensure that systems are patched, have the required free space, etc. This enables an organization to keep running in a consistent, stable manner that an organization needs.

Done on a fixed fee or time and material basis, this patching ensures that your systems are up and running when you need. them. Contact ZAG today to learn more.