Automation of repetitive tasks is a great time saver. In today’s IT world we are expected to do more with less. This is especially true with our labor force. The server to Admin ratio is swinging towards fewer Admins to more servers. The way to get hours back in your day is to automate. System Center Orchestrator provides an easy to use graphical automation tool that integrates with other System Center products, Active Directory, PowerShell, MS Exchange, Windows Azure and more without any scripting. System Center Orchestrator works behind the scenes providing an event driven runbook engine that can automate almost any IT task. 

ZAG’s Orchestrator Jumpstart can help you quickly get started creating runbooks to automate time consuming tasks and free up your valuable time. By providing you with a dedicated Orchestrator Architect we can have you creating your first runbook on the first day of the engagement.

Jump start Offerings

As part of this two-day program, the Architect will: 

  • Meet with your staff to determine your pain points and opportunities for automation
  • Setup a single Orchestrator Server with SQL
  • Install, configure and deploy the Orchestrator Integration Packs
  • Demonstrate runbook creation and automation
  • Create 3 sample runbooks in a test environment
  • Demonstrate publishing runbooks to a Runbook Server
  • Demonstrate runbook testing and manual running
  • Knowledge transfer of Orchestrator Architecture and basic administration


  • Automate repetitive tasks without scripting
  • Run tasks against your on-premise and private cloud resources
  • See the graphical Runbook Designer used to create runbooks
  • See how you can add PowerShell activities to automate tasks not included in an Integration Pack
  • See how the Runbook Tester can help you test and troubleshoot your runbooks