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As more services move to the cloud, we become more and more dependent on the Internet. The cloud promises a lot, but what is often overlooked is the need to engineer a cloud solution. A corporation's network connection often becomes a bottleneck; with one person's streaming media impacting the Accounting Team's ability to close the books. In this new world, we need to ensure that users have access to these key resources.

Access to key resources is critical, ZAG is one of the few organizations that can ensure that this access is available when needed. ZAG does this through understanding everything that affects a network and the ability to get to these cloud based resources. This can include:

  • Network Shaping at the Internet connection
  • Network shaping at various MPLS connections
  • Blocking or prioritizing non business traffic
  • Ensuring end user devices are properly protected so they don't send out malware which blocks valid traffic

As companies move to the cloud, they need to understand and control their computing environment. They need to understand what can negatively impact a user's experience and ability to perform.

ZAG understands the complete computing environment and how to manage them. Network optimization, security and user access.  We can ensure your cloud solution is right for your business and that it is configured correctly. ZAG can help you design your solution and ensure that it meets your organization's needs. Contact ZAG today to learn more.