All Managed Service Plan

Take advantage of the All Managed Plan, which includes all of the following services. You can also choose one or more services for a solution customized to your business needs. 

man user.png

Managed User

  • Routine support tasks and end-user remote support with enhanced security capabilities 
  • Management of security groups and basic file systems and printing administration

Managed Computer

  • Automated workstation health monitoring with alerts on detected issues. 
  • Automated operating system updates and anti-virus monitoring
  • Third party application updates

Managed Server

  • Centralized monitoring of server, network devices and backups with alerting on detected issues 
  • Automated updates and management of anti-virus and server operating system

All Managed 

  • Take advantage of all the benefits of Managed Computer, Managed User and Managed Server, plus on-site support (when needed)

Preferred IT Support Agreement

For organizations who may have a smaller IT environment, ZAG offers the Preferred Support Agreement, which does not require the constant monitoring that the All Managed Plan offers.

With this option, businesses can leverage a pre-paid block of time that your employees can count on when a critical IT issue occurs.

 In addition, ZAG will provide your company with an assigned Engineering Team for Service Escalation and a quarterly Service Review and Consultation, where we will go over topics such as: User Orientation, Security, and more.