IT Security Consulting

The biggest IT Security risks are the ones your business doesn't know about or see coming. Many organizations cover the basics and assume it is enough. The use of firewalls, anti-virus protection, regular backups, and enforcing strong passwords is a start, but a more comprehensive strategy is required to stop a malicious attack or a rouge insider. 

How is your organization ensuring your IT Environment is "secure" from Data Breaches? Clever WPA/WEP passwords that you rotate every six months? Changing the user's logins regularly? Maybe it's making sure you only leverage secure cloud services? The truth is, we often are lured to a state of comfort when we go without visible security breaches, but that doesn't mean you're impervious to attack. 

IT Security Strategy

ZAG understands how to implement IT Security strategies that are designed to help secure your data and prevent Malicious Attacks. Successful security strategies include: Intrusion Detection or Protection Systems (IPS), website vulnerability protection, web security gateway solutions, and mobile device monitoring throughout the network. 

ZAG can help your business:

  • Conduct an audit to test networks, applications, and mobile devices and thoroughly assess vulnerabilities
  • Develop a strategy that fits your organization's requirements
  • Assess the security of your cloud application services
  • Implement multi-layered security technology and protocols on all your devices and end points
  • Create and enforce security policies for mobile devices
  • Educate employees about security best practices
  • Encrypt your data