Three simple words, but words that ZAG excels at.  ZAG has been working with corporations both large and small since 1998.  Every day you use our client's products, eat their food, benefit from their services.  We provide the support to keep these organizations working.

We have consistently delivered solutions that are designed with the business needs in mind, deployed according to best practices and managed in a way to ensure the organization stays productive.


ZAG has assembled a unique group of consultants and architects that can deliver what your organization needs.  Be it virtualization, cloud computing, network infrastructure, remote access or a host of other needs, ZAG can bring to bear IT architects that are able to design an environment right for your organization.  

Our understanding of the whole IT stack enable us to architect solutions that are more than point solutions, they are what your organization needs.


ZAG has always been a deployment organization.  We bring to bear engineers that have been there, done that.  They understand technology and are successful in deploying solutions for our customers.

ZAG has a Project Management team to ensure that your deployment goes as planned.


When called upon to support IT environments, we are able to keep systems up and productive for your organization.  We understand the care and feeding required by advanced systems.  Through these processes we are able to deliver continuously performing systems to the business.

We are able to support the full spectrum of your IT systems.  Our engineers are seasoned and have a wide view of the IT ecosystem.


ZAG Technical Services represents a full service IT firm.  As such we are able to provide our clients with the greatest solutions available. Contact us today to learn more.