Flash Storage and Data Availability

Join us at The Crow's Nest Restaurant in Santa Cruz  November 9th, 2016 From 11:30 AM to 1PM

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Nimble and Veeam, industry leaders in Flash Storage and Data Availability, will show you how your business can benefit from: 

  • Predicative analytics to pro-actively manage your IT environment
  • Crash-consistent and application-consistent storage snapshots replicated to a secondary array.
  • Strict RTOs and RPOs from granular recoveries 
  • Reducing, or eliminating, the impact from data protection activities on production workloads.
  • Leveraging flash as a competitive business advantage

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Veeam, Nimble Storage, Virtualization, Cloud Storage
Nimble Storage, Veeam, Storage, Data, Virtualization

Nimble and Veeam have partnered together to provide an uncompromised solution to deliver high performance, quick recoverability and long term retention.  This solution will allow you to achieve cloud like economics and agility with the combination of high performance and availability for virtualized mission critical workloads.