Engineering Consulting

ZAG's engineering philosophy begins with understanding our clients' needs and understanding the business problem they are trying to solve. Engineers gather information in order to scope out the requirements, including: functional needs, cost, manageability and other factors. By doing this, we are able to understand your organization's goal and design an IT solution that meets that goal.  

Not only is the engineering group well-versed in project implementations, our team excels in all troubleshooting aspects of keeping your network in service and working correctly.  The ZAG team keeps your network up and running with improvements and troubleshooting, so that you can concentrate on your business.  

Solution Architects: (Design & Implement)

ZAG Architects can plan and engineer solutions that are aligned with your long-term IT strategy. Our focus on following manufacturer best practices allows us to deliver a solid business solution that meets our clients' needs. Aligning your long term IT strategy with your business needs ensures that the solution we design will deliver value to your organization. ZAG can deliver well-engineered solutions to companies, whether it’s for a small business or multi-billion dollar enterprise.

Systems Engineering: (Field Service Support)

We provide world class service to all of our new and existing clients on many platforms.  Whether it’s taking a hand-off from a recently installed solution from our Architect team or supplying support for networking initiatives or issues, we take a team approach to providing a solution.  ZAG takes the client’s opinions and wishes into every decision that is made with our veteran team.


CSC Group: (Customer Service Center)

We provide phone and email frontline assistance or augmentation to any customers’ end user support team. Whether it's end user service requests or providing a client’s support team with an escalation branch, we have the your organization covered. We offer varied support platforms for our diverse client base.  Our number one goal is always client end user satisfaction.