Disaster Preparedness Consulting

Unplanned downtime prevents your company from running business and accessing your corporate data, applications and critical systems. ZAG can help you prepare for an IT disaster by putting together a comprehensive Business Continuity Plan.

A Business Continuity Plan is a comprehensive business plan that typically includes five components, including a Disaster Recovery Plan specific to a company’s IT systems.

ZAG can help define the amount of data loss your company can take before meeting a threshold (RPO), the amount of time your company is willing to be down during a disaster (RTO) and more.

Components of a Disaster Recovery Plan

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Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity solutions are designed to backup, replicate and restore any physical or virtual system in case of an IT disaster. This can be implemented and managed in a variety of ways and depends completely on an organization's requirements for availability, risk tolerance and RPO/RTO.

ZAG has become experts at implementing regular backups, quick detection, service redundancy and secure data storage. We offer consulting services for the various phases of Disaster Planning and Business Continuity, including:

  • Business Impact Analysis Assessment 
  • Network Assessment 
  • Implementation
  • Training and Awareness