Choosing The Right Database

Behind the clouds, mobile devices, and apps that your organization uses to do business lays the heart of it all: the Database. Selecting and implementing the correct database is an important decision. Choosing the wrong path means, not only a sloppy installation, but compounded issues that will plague all of your systems. Faulty Databases can cause inaccurate data parsing, slow speeds, and the dreaded crash, which are all real issues that may face your company today.

ZAG has the experience to help you with your database needs, including: design and implementation, administration and maintenance, and data analysis and reporting. We can help manage and protect your database system for its entire life cycle.

Microsoft SQL Server

SQL Servers are the most secure of all major database platforms. SQL delivers 99.9999% up-time, Return On Investment of up to 189% in one year, and can save you 460% annually compared to Oracle solutions.

Your organization can implement a cloud-ready platform with SQL Server 2006, get built-in mission critical capabilities, and enable breakthrough insights across the organization with familiar analytics tools and enterprise-ready Big Data solutions. Common architecture and tools enable Hybrid IT infrastructures that help move your business forward and unlock new business models.

ZAG's Microsoft-certified IT consultants can help provide customized IT business solutions using SQL Server as the backbone for your environment. Utilizing SQL Reporting Services, your company can gain a dedicated Database Administrator who can provide your business with valuable business intelligence data that will provide you an immediate ROI.