Creating a Cybersecurity Framework

Our Cyber Hygiene Assessment is designed to address the unique needs of Small and Mid-Sized Businesses that have never considered cyber security. According to the Center for Internet Security (CIS), implementing these controls can reduce your risk of malware infections by 85 percent. We aim to reduce cyber security risks and help you improve the way you manage those risks and protect your business. 

The Cyber Hygiene Assessment is a structured assessment of your strengths, weaknesses and maturity in the Information Technology processes. The core of this assessment is establishing the Basic CIS Controls. 

Assessment Objectives

  • Provide an assessment of your company’s cyber security and operating effectiveness
  • Identify security control concerns that could affect the reliability, accuracy and security of the enterprise data due to weaknesses in security controls.
  • Provide a Network Assessment, including Asset Discovery and Risk Identification.

At ZAG, our IT Security consultants help clients identify vulnerabilities and assess real business risks, meet compliance mandates, devise security processes and prepare for a cyber security breach. 

Basic Cyber Security Controls 

Using the Center for Internet Security (CIS) framework, ZAG will address the following:

  • Inventory and Control of Hardware Assets
  • Inventory and Control of Software Assets
  • Continuous Vulnerability Management
  • Controlled Use of Administrative Privileges
  • Secure Configurations for Hardware and Software on Mobile Devices, Laptops, Workstations, and Servers
  • Maintenance, Monitoring and Analysis of Audit Logs

Practical Ransomware Prevention

There are a number of practical steps that can be taken to reduce the risk of ransomware taking over and encrypting your network. While nothing is 100 percent effective, we believe in making it as difficult as possible for criminals to infiltrate your environment.

Active Directory & Server Scan

Using industry-leading IT assessment tools, we will collect data and compare multiple data points to uncover hard-to-detect issues, measure risk based on impact to the network, suggest recommended fixes, and track remediation progress.

Our non-intrusive IT Assessment modules collect information from Active Directory, servers and end-point devices to evaluate the health of your devices and network.

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