ZAG has been a Citrix Partner since its inception in 1998. We have always championed the unique offerings that Citrix can provide businesses. Citrix delivers true enterprise-level solutions that meet the business needs of both Small Businesses and Large Enterprises. ZAG offers a Virtualization Team that is focused on delivering Citrix Enterprise solutions for Application and Desktop Virtualization, Networking, Software-as-a-Service, and Cloud Computing technologies. It is possible to realize excellent performance, reliability, manageability and scale with state of the art Citrix environments. These Citrix offerings can propel your organization forward with increased accessibility, productivity and Disaster Recovery benefits. 

Citrix Consulting

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Citrix Products

Cloud Infrastructure


Citrix provides a virtualization and hypervisor management platform, which can lower the cost associated with owning desktops, and cloud and server virtualization infrastructures by consolidating and containing workloads on XenServer. Businesses can now face the challenges of the modern-day IT data center. 


Optimized And Secured Networks


Netscaler is a web-based Application Delivery Controller (ADC) that can optimize, secure and control delivery of Enterprise and Cloud Services, while providing the best user experience possible. Netscaler can also make apps run five times better, reduce the cost of web application ownership, improve user experience and ensures apps are available when you need them. 

Netscaler Gateway 

Along with Netscaler, employees can now use their laptops, desktops, tablets and smart phones to securely remote access to XenApp, XenDesktop and XenMobile, whether is is in the cloud or on-premises. 

Cloud Bridge

Combine WAN virtualization with WAN optimization and app management into a single complete solution that enable businesses to software-define their WAN's


Workspace Suite  

A key benefit that Citrix has always delivered on is Remote Access and Mobility Management. Through Workspace Suite, Citrix is able to give users access to the key business systems and apps they need to be productive. This BYOD initiative allows your employees to access your network in a centrally managed environment any time, any where, on any device. Organizations can buy the Worspace Suite as a package deal or deploy each solution individually depending on their business needs. 

XenApp - Remote Access to centralized Windows Apps and Data

XenDesktop - Infrastructure that allows for secure access to Virtualized desktops

XenMobile - Mobile Device and App management on-premise or in the cloud



Organizations can now deliver Windows virtual desktops to users on any device, while controlling management and security. XenClient is a desktop virtualization solution that compliments the advantages of XenDesktop for BYO and corporate device users. Your employees can now run virtual desktops on Windows or Mac devices even if they are offline or have a slow network connection