Orchestrate the protection and recovery of your applications for simplified Disaster Recovery with Azure Site Recovery. Protect your business environment by automating Virtual Machine replication based on policies your company can set and control. This Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity solution allows you to recover your datacenter in the case of an outage. You can even upload Applications directly to Azure to restore application services quickly if they go down. Site Recovery also monitors your protected instances continuously and remotely from Azure.   


The Microsoft Azure Site Recovery Offer delivers real answers and has true value to enable you to succeed.  This engagement normally requires 1-2 weeks of data collection, planning, and implementation. 

Projects start at $5,000, depending on the business needs of the client.  Estimated monthly cost for  Azure service, up to $400, for five servers. 


  • Automated protection & replication of VMs
  • Remote health monitoring
  • Customizable recovery plans
  • No-impact recovery plan testing
  • Orchestrated recovery when needed
  • Replicate to—and recover in—Azure


We will work to develop an architecture to answer your Disaster Recovery needs.  Effort under this offer is limited to five servers, but can be scaled to many more.
Architecture will take into account WAN limitations, guest needs as well as other factors such snapshot frequency, etc. 


Up to five virtual servers will be configured to use the Site Recovery service.  
The servers will be replicated to Azure. Site Recovery capabilities will be configured to provide fall back capabilities.  


No Disaster Recovery solution is complete unless it has been tested.  ZAG will take you through the steps to validate that the system is working as designed.

Azure Site Recovery, San Jose, CA, Microsoft Partner