IT Asset Management Solution


IT Asset Management Solution


Warranty Management

Network assets approaching EOS/EOL or with expired warranties present risks including: security, software incompatibility, compliance issues, degraded performance, and the potential for device failure. Successful IT operations rely on an up-to-date infrastructure capable of supporting the organization’s critical operations. An efficient and dependable IT infrastructure demands accurate information about networked devices.

  • How many network-connected devices you have in operation?
  • What platforms and software the devices are running?
  • Are the devices set up according to agreed vendor policies?
  • Are critical systems running on servers that are EOS/EOL?

The first step to gaining control of your IT inventory is collecting accurate information. ZAG’s Warranty Management Assessment (WMA) collects information on all network-attached devices and servers to identify EOS/EOL, non-compliant, out of warranty devices, and more. 

Network Asset Inventory

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Warranty Management Assessment

Warranty Management Assessment


Warranty Insight Assessment 

Devices out of warranty? Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Our assessment starts with an on-site information gathering session to understand your IT infrastructure and environment. We then run scans to assess and discover warranty status including: 

  • Warranties needing renewal in less than 6 months
  • Warranties needing renewal in more than 6 months
  • Products that are End of Life
  • Products that are End of Support

After the assessment, we provide a written report of findings based on a physical survey of non-network devices and the scan of all network-connected devices including product make, model, serial number, and installed software. 


Assessment Summary