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What makes your organization's IT systems "secure"? Is it a clever WPA/WEP password that you rotate every six months? How about changing the user's logins regularly? Maybe it's making sure you only leverage secure cloud services? The truth is, we often are lured to a state of comfort when we go without visible security breaches. But that doesn't mean you're impervious to attack.

Through business-specific application of industry-leading security suites, ZAG can help deliver peace of mind.

ZAG enables organizations to quickly assess any and all threats - both external and internal - and strike that fine balance between giving users all they need to maximize productivity, while keeping them and the entire business safe from malicious websites and malware.


It is a requirement in today's world that every network has a firewall, but enterprise firewalls are a bear to configure properly. No longer is it enough to filter the "bad" from coming in, now you also have to block the unknown from going out.Expert-driven intrusions seek your business' critical intellectual property. ZAG has the experience necessary to ensure you are set up correctly and can train your IT administrator to maintain it moving forward.


Anti-Virus is one of the most fundamental elements of security. Anti-Virus needs to be centrally managed to ensure that desktops are always updated with the latest virus definition files. Not having the latest definition files is barely better than not having protection at all. ZAG performs security updates as they come in, and can ensure your company does as well.


Backups (or failovers) are the last line of defense to a network's security and uptime. Without the redundancy created from a failover, any infrastructure is one failed server away from complete network shutdown. Backups can also have the capability to restore a system, component, or service in a state of failover back to its original state; ZAG can guide you through the server selection process and configure yours to do everything you hope it to do.

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